unban request

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unban request

Příspěvek#1 » 16 srp 2022 11:19

1. current nickname is "isoegoist". During the time I got banned it was "Jisso"
2. Steam ID STEAM_0:1:95751543 and Steam3 ID [U:1:191503087]
3. [CZ/EU]#125 TauriGaming.cz | TRADE | BP,TP,FASTD...
4. Reason was said to be "Wallhack"
5. Permanent
6. Vynloth
7. I was banned on the 22nd of December in 2021, even though I was a frequent player on the server during that time. During the time some person, whose name I cant remember, hackusated me, saying I have wallhack for watching him through the spawn window. I dont know if it was possible to see through the window on default graphic config since I was using mastercomfig low. I asked around in your discord server when I got the ban but I got no decisive answer so I decided to forget about it for the time being, and as of now coming back to try my luck.

Ive never cheated in a video game, no vac bans or gamebans ever.
tldr; I enjoyed the server a lot and feel like I got unfairly banned due to some reason.

Best Regards, Jisso, Isoegoist etc. :)

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Re: unban request

Příspěvek#2 » 21 srp 2022 13:12

I've finally managed to get the demo working and reviewed it. While I understand why someone might have thought it is a bit suspicious, the provided footage is definitely not enough for getting banned. Therefore I unbanned you and I sincerely apologize for wrongful ban.

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