Request for un-ban.

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Request for un-ban.

Příspěvek#1 » 28 kvě 2020 19:26

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7. I don't know why i got banned, i don't have a record of this ban on banlist, i only have record of a ban that was given to me on accident by Funky.
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Re: Request for un-ban.

Příspěvek#2 » 28 kvě 2020 19:31

Good day, meatball

I myself witnessed this happening so I'll allow myself to add some information to it, the ban seemingly appeared to come out of nowhere, If I remember correctly you timed out of the game because that day you had an insane ping and when you tried to join back it didn't let you, in the ingame chat I saw it saying that you were banned, althrough the console didnt say anything and no other admin banned you who was currently on the server (me, Pixeld).

Due to the fact that there was no apparent reason for this ban, it isn't anywhere on banlist and I can't even know If It's permanent or not, I see absolutely no reason to not unban you since this is a mistake from our part and you've actually feel victim to an another unjustified ban.

EDIT: the ban has been found and the situation is a bit more complicated

Good luck
Good evening, Cathave.

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Re: Request for un-ban.

Příspěvek#3 » 03 čer 2020 20:50

Locking the thread since player joined the server without any issues today.

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