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Re: Application for tf2 orange server admin

Příspěvek#11 » 13 kvě 2020 22:54

Hello Gale,

sorry for the late response, I'm currently pretty busy so I wasn't really able to evaluate your application.
In terms of hours, you have 22h played for this month (13.4. - 13.5.), which is just under the minimum of 25h. This wouldn't have been a huge problem, sadly your chat log is.

After looking into it a bit I thought that maybe I would see some EZ or something like that in April or so, but no... I was really wrong on this one. Just three days ago (at the time of writing its May 13th) you spammed EZ and told some other guy to "NOOB, GO PLAY FORTNITE, SOO BAD" (LINK). Frankly, this behaviour is unacceptable, not only for admins.
Also, the Orange admin team is full... again.

For these reasons, I reject your application. Feel free to re-apply when you aren't as toxic and there's a free space in AT. Minimum delay between applications is 1 month.

Stay safe and have a nice day,
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