Battlefield 3 - #66 Conquest FlyMaps

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Battlefield 3 - #66 Conquest FlyMaps

Příspěvek#1 » 30 srp 2014 01:48

Server name: [CZ/EU]#66 | [CSTG] Fly Maps Conquest FR
IP adress:
Port: 27602
List of Maps:
1) Kharg Island
2) Caspian Border
3) Operation Firestorm
4) Noshahr Canals

Mod on server is Conquest Large, 1500tickets.

Admin list:
Capital Admin: JakeSVK
Admins:Iko_cz, Gh0stSvK181, krchec69, Supi.Marek, Atimaster, Smeco,Smrtihlav,Baly

Server link on BattleLog is here

Server Rules:
No swearing, dont spam, dont insult others, no flaming.
Baserape (attacking on enemy or friendly base) will not be tolerated!
Server has plugin for PB HACK detection. You will be kicked from the server if you are hiding your PBID/EAID
Baseraping is not tolerated
Destruction of enemy equipment at their base is not allowed.
Ramming (taking down enemy vehicles in order of destroy) is restricted!
CapsLock is not allowed.

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