Unban lift

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Unban lift

Příspěvek#1 » 11 čer 2019 18:15

1. Your In-Game nick: Camie
2. Steam/Origin ID: STEAM_0:0:37580859
3. Server number (#XX) where you are currently banned: Trade #125
4. Reason of BAN: Advertisement
5. Lenght of ban: Permanent
6. Name of the banning admin: Speedy
7. Why you should be (and want to be) un-banned?:

I've came back after a 1 year ban, I played there everyday since. I forgot the rules past the 1 year, and didn't read them again, and then just posted a server IP in the chat and got banned for it. I want my unban lifted because I have close friends playing on trade_sunshine, and now we've just separated. Also like I said, I played there everyday continuously and I have really good relationships with the people there.

Thank you in an advance for a positive solving of my request.

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Re: Unban lift

Příspěvek#2 » 20 čer 2019 20:29

I considered all facts and came to a conclusion that your ban will stay as it is. The biggest issue I have with lifting the ban is the number of your bans. You have 6 bans in total, 2 of them with 1 year duration and now this one. Honestly, if I were you, I would actually read the rules after coming back from one year "vacation". Probably not straight away, but like you said, you had been playing there everyday since the ban expired, so I believe you had plenty of time to do so. Feel free to request lifting the ban again in like 1,5 month, but nothing guaranteed.

Request rejected.


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